More jobs lost in Fairfield County, as Henry McMaster does nothing

Rep. James Smith, Democratic nominee for governor of South Carolina, has sworn to fight for South Carolina families and jobs. The incumbent, Henry McMaster, has repeatedly failed to do so. Now, we have fresh and painful evidence of that.

Rep. Smith had the following to say about the devastating news that TV-maker Element Electronics announced Monday it will close its Winnsboro plant in response to tariffs imposed by President Trump:

“Winnsboro and Fairfield County have had far more than their share of horrible news lately. Just over a year ago, the community lost its last textile mill. Right after that, SCE&G and Santee Cooper announced they would quit building two planned nuclear plants in the county, at the cost of thousands of good South Carolina jobs.

“Now this – a high-tech employer providing 126 good jobs is closing because of the new tariffs. “How much can one community take?

“These were jobs everyone in Winnsboro had a right to be proud of. The company’s website said the following of the plant and local workers: ‘We’re building pride. An economic comeback. A healthier environment. And a stronger country. With televisions… built by American workers who can go toe-to-toe with any in the world.’

“Now, their own government has let those workers down. And the job-killing tariffs that crushed these workers’ hopes can be laid at the door of Henry McMaster. It is his friend, his ally, his chief supporter who is imposing these tariffs and calling them ‘the greatest,’ while Henry sits by passively.

“These are the same tariffs threatening thousands of good jobs at BMW and Volvo. The same tariffs our state’s business leaders have begged Republican elected leaders to stand up and oppose, to no avail.

“And this is the second major blow to this community struck by Henry’s friends. Henry is bought and paid for – receiving well over $100,000 of their money, which he refuses to give back – by the SCANA bosses who gave us the nuclear plant debacle, which has led to the loss of thousands of jobs and higher rates for everyday people in South Carolina.

“Mandy and I extend our heartfelt sympathy to the people of Fairfield County at this terrible moment, and promise than when we are elected, they will have a governor and lieutenant governor fully devoted to helping get their community – and all South Carolina communities – back on their feet.

“We will fight for South Carolina families and jobs. Meanwhile, Henry says nothing. His silence is deafening.”


Brad Warthen, communications director 803-315-1886