Combating Domestic Violence:
In 2017, South Carolina ranked 47th in the nation on women’s equality issues. This outcome does not reflect our values as South Carolinians. The increasing rate of crimes against women similarly does not reflect our values.

Equal Pay for Equal Work:
Economic opportunity for women hinges on an equal playing field. Whether it be the need for equal pay for equal work, or being able to take leave when necessary and still remain in the workforce, these issues impact all of us. James believes the economic well-being of women is vital to our state’s future success because when women earn a good wage and are supported in the workforce, they are better able to provide for not only themselves but also for our children’s health, education, and other needs.

Fighting for South Carolina Families:
James will fight for an equal pay statute to be enacted and will seek out other opportunities to promote practical, common sense legislation to ensure that women are being paid fairly for their work. James will push to make the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) reimbursable so the families it helps can better make ends meet. James will also advocate for more transparency in salary information so that women can stand up for themselves against discriminatory practices.

A Government that looks like our State:
South Carolina women are leaders. South Carolina boasts one of the higher rates of female entrepreneurship in the Southeast. The number of businesses owned by women in South Carolina has more than doubled in the past two decades. Yet, in the boardroom and in the legislature, women are woefully underrepresented. James will have the most diverse cabinet, and will appoint more women to boards and commissions, than any Governor in South Carolina history.

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