Access to Affordable Healthcare

Over 150,000 South Carolinians are being denied access to health care because Henry McMaster did not accept Medicaid expansion. On day one of the Smith Administration, with the stroke of my pen, that will change. We continue to suffer from high rates of diabetes, heart disease, strokes, infant mortality, and mental illness. Read more>>

Moving Beyond a Minimally Adequate Education

Every child deserves a high-quality education that prepares them for the future. Teacher pay ranks 37th in the nation and should be elevated to the Southeastern average. James Smith will work to make a college education more affordable for every South Carolina family. Read more>>

Economic Opportunities that Work for All South Carolinians

James Smith will expand training and workforce development opportunities to link South Carolinians with well-paying 21st century jobs, like those in technology, healthcare, advanced manufacturing, and renewable energy. Read more>>

Advocating for Common Sense Gun Safety

As Governor, James will sign legislation supporting gun safety initiatives like closing the Charleston loophole; banning bump stocks and trigger cranks; requiring universal background checks, including for gun show sales; and restricting retail sales of military-style assault weapons. Read more>>

Women’s Equality

When women do not have adequate and comprehensive health care, all South Carolina citizens suffer the consequences. James Smith will continue to be a champion for women’s rights and gender equality and he will advocate for women in a way that honors the extent to which women make South Carolina a great place to live and work.  Read more>>

Replacing a Culture of Corruption with a Culture of Service

James is no newcomer to transparency and accountability in government. In the Legislature, he earned bipartisan respect as a champion of ethics reform by partnering with Republican and Democratic legislators in 2012 to introduce the “21st Century Government and Ethics Reform Act of 2012.” The bill was ahead of its time, but is now needed more than ever. Read more>>