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“I see the potential of our state. I see what we can be. But I also see what’s getting in the way. I am running for Governor because I feel like I must do all that I can to fight for the people of South Carolina. I am running because I want South Carolina to realize her fullest potential … and that means no one gets left behind.”

James Smith

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This campaign is not about one person. It is about all of South Carolina coming together to work for a better future for all of us. From putting up a yard sign or hosting an event to following on social media or donating, there’s plenty of opportunities to show your support of—and spread the word about—James Smith’s campaign for Governor.

Affordable Healthcare

Too many South Carolina families do not have access to healthcare simply because they live here. We need to expand coverage to increase access to high quality, affordable healthcare and keep our hard-earned tax money in the state.

High-Quality Education

Every South Carolina child deserves more than a minimally-adequate education. We must bring modernization and innovation to the classroom. Our teacher pay, which ranks 37th in the nation, should be elevated to the Southeastern average.

Better Jobs

When I’m Governor, I will expand training and workforce development opportunities to link South Carolinians with well-paying 21st century jobs, like those in technology, healthcare, advanced manufacturing, and renewable energy.

Protect our Environment

Every effort needs to be made to protect our environment and ensure that our beaches remain a place of enjoyment for our residents and visitors.

Where Does James Stand?

As a member of the General Assembly, James Smith has worked to promote a safer, fairer, and better life for all South Carolinians. You can rely on him to do the same as your governor.

Common Sense Gun Safety

As Governor, I will sign legislation supporting gun safety initiatives like closing the Charleston loophole; banning bump stocks and trigger cranks; requiring universal background checks, including for gun show sales; and restricting retail sales of military-style assault weapons.

Equality for Women

When women are not treated equally, all of our state suffers. It is time to make sure women receive equal pay and opportunities.

Eliminate Corruption

A culture of corruption is holding South Carolina back. James Smith will put service before self and will work day and night to help South Carolina families.

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See Who Endorses James

James is honored by the support he’s received from leaders across the Palmetto State.

Mayor Joe Riley

Former Charleston Mayor
“James Smith has always put his community, state and country first. He represents the kind of politics and policies that will advance our state for the better.”

Governor Jim Hodges

Former South Carolina Governor
“I have seen first hand James’s integrity and dedication to service to the people of South Carolina. He’s a true change agent, and that’s why he will be a great Governor.”

Governor Richard Riley

Former US Secretary of Education
“James Smith has been a tireless advocate for our State’s children and schools. As Governor, he will be in a better position to move our State forward.”

Mayor Steve Benjamin

Columbia Mayor
“I know politics works better when it's more about getting results and less about politics. James has always served that way.”

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